About Sandlovers

About Sandlovers



With our new lifestyle products from Sandlovers we want to share the feeling of comfort and the warmth of Africa with our lifestyle community. We combine our passion for quality with your daily desire of being on an endless beach, feeling the warmth of the African sun on your skin. Every single Sandlovers item can accompany you daily, reminding you that each day can be extraordinary.

SANDLOVERS - Show your passion!

Handarbeit in der lokalen Werkstatt bei Mombasa in Kenia


Your Sandlovers are being produced in a workshop some 35km south of Mombasa. Our products are not manufactured in a factory, so each item is an individual piece of art, created in several individual steps all treasured by hand. Therefore, small differences in colour are not a lack of quality but rather a showcase of individuality and uniqueness that each of our products possess.



Working conditions

Sandlovers promotes good working conditions and regulated working hours. Most of our creations are produced outside, under warm African skies. Men and women sit comfortably around a table and work in a pleasant, family environment. The majority of our workers are part of single income households with some providing income for up to 10 family members.

Detail eines Sandlovers-Schuhs

Quality management

In order to secure the high quality you deserve, our products have been designed and developed over a period of seven years. Our production manager in Kenya oversees the production, modifying and improving each individual production step to ensure our Sandlovers quality is maintained. Our Sandlovers team visits the workshop on a regular basis to discuss new designs and products, further ensuring that our products not only meet our expectations but yours too.


Distribution chanel

Once our Sandlovers products are produced in Kenay they are securely packed and carefully transported from Mombasa to Berlin. You will be ordering from Sandlovers directly from Sandlovers International GmbH, a Berlin bases and registered German entity; we are sending via DHL your Sandlovers Lifestyle products directly in our own created boxes from Germany to your doorstep.


Ethic Fundamentals

Sandlovers' purchasing department pays a fair price for the production of our beloved products to allow many families a fair income - we do not negotiate our prices on the basis of maximizing unconditional our profits. We only work together exclusively with local workshops who we have personal respectful relationship with. We hand back valueables to our nature and donate to local social projects. We are interested in your feedback and comments to develop the Lifestyle brand of Sandlovers further and further.