Apartment Complex „A“ | High yield investment – € 800,000

This interesting investment opportunity consists of 7 residential units within 3 individual buildings. One unit is a stand-alone villa with 3 bedrooms. It has approx. 275 sqm of residential area.

The complex has been a mixture of medium to long-term rentals and holiday rentals. The current income for this opportunity is generating a 10% yield. Although some apartments have been on a long-term rent committment with no recent rent adjustments. The economical outcome can easily be increased by turning the complex into a holiday resort. Short term rentals generate higher rates – this would offer yields above 15-20% over the years.

The standard and building quality of the complex is at high European standards with a recent full refurbishment of the pool and its area. All units are individually serviced with water and electrical metres and provide highest flexibility in its renting as short, medium or long-term.

The complex is surrounded by a fenced wall and has sufficient on-site parking facilities.

This investment opportunity is a high yielding product into the growing Diani property market and is ideal for investors and/or purchasers who want to own an apartment or villa and generate some income with exisiting property.

Short Description

1,330 sqm

2,000 sqm



Private Pool

central location