Development sites | make your dreams come true

At the moment there are 5 development sites available within a fenced and secured compound. A total of 23 sites are within the compound. Several plots have already been developed recently. It is one of the rare opportunities were you can purchase a plot and develop your dream home/house. May your imaginations and dreams become true.

Each plot has a size of ca. 1,000 sqm (1/4 acre) and some of the plots can be combined to enlarge. In general, the compound consists of a main gate with day/night guard and is located in 3rd row. It is still in a very convenient distance to the beach as well as all restaurants and bars or supermarkets and shopping facilities. DonĀ“t miss out on this opportunity – you have to see this location if you are planning to develop your own villa. We can of course assist you in any matter on the development and assure that the building quality will be at high European standards.

The true opportunity to develop your own dream home in excellent location; we are experienced in assisting your development in any matter.

Short Description

sqm pending

1,000+ sqm



Private Pool yes/no

Fenced compound